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The demands of market, which decides the application and development direction of packaging technique. Paying attention to technical development and technical storage, which is the important guarantee for “Nouanz” to get long-term development. With many technical experts in packaging industry being gathered here, Qingdao Nouanz owned powerful storage of talents and techniques, and has took part in the research and development of individualized packaging techniques and equipments of some internal well-known enterprises, such as the packaging of “Nestle---Baolu Candy”, “Guofu Longfong frozen food”, the packaging of “Yili---torch ice cream”, “Deshi---Sandwich ice cream”, the packaging of soaps, transparent soaps of “Nice Group” and “Lonkey Group”, etc, and the re-packaging of transfusion preparation in medical industry, etc. After years of accumulation, the technical research capability has ranked top in China, and the characterized packaging machinery design concept and manufacture technology of Nouanz has gradually come into being, and recognized by market in Chinese packaging industry. Along with the continuous update of the attitude of users and consumers, their new awareness and change to the concept, value, and effect of package will come into being accordingly. W e , according to the demands of market, can bring our technical superiority in packaging machinery industry into play , design and produce the packaging machinery with good performance at reasonable price. At the same time, we also can give our packaging suggestion and help make the packaging solution for client's individualized product, and meet the demands of clients and markets in maximum.
Looking into the packaging market in new century, packaging technique has been applied widely along with the further opening of market after China's joining in WTO. Nouanz people will follow the direction of times, follow the rapid developing step of the world packaging technique strictly, develop new products constantly, and supply the wide clients the packaging machinery with more advanced technology, higher quality, and better cost performance.