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Marketing is crucial and vital for an enterprise to exist and develop. Differing from the traditional sales concepts, Qingdao Nouanz has been insisting on the guidelines of "to be good brainman before sales, to be good partners in sales, and to be good helpers after sales", and bringing Nouanz's technical and source superiorities in to play in packaging industry. We can suggest and give corresponding packaging designs against the product characters of clients integrating their enterprise cultures, and help clients solve different difficulties met in the process of packaging, so that clients can realize the most ideal packaging effect, and get the most optimal economic benefit.
For ten years, Qingdao Nouanz has become the main power and pioneer in industry in China by right of its rapid development and innovative capability. The machinery they produced have spread into all over the country in China, East Asia, South Asia, Middle Asia, West Asia, Africa, etc. The coverage of "Nouanz" Brand has been spreading year by year. Along with the more and more new, excellent, and applicable Nouanz products coming into market to meet the demands of packaging market in China, Nouanz will contribute more and greatly to prosper China's packaging industry.
Here, we sincerely hope that we can establish kind cooperative relationships with all circles and the wide enterprises to seek for the common development. 
"What we deal with is quality and technique."
"What we sell is credit and service."